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  • PCW08I Precision Screwdriver Set (130 pieces)

    PCWork PCW08I Precision Screwdriver Set (130 pieces)

    The PCW08I Precision Screwdriver Set is a comprehensive set with a total of 130 parts, ideal for smartphone and computer repair. It contains 117 bits made of high quality chrome vanadium steel, which is known for their durability and resistance. The set's magnetized aluminum hand holder features a lengthening rod and a 360-degree rotating cap. This allows the screwdriver to be used in different positions to easily reach hard-to-reach places. The ergonomic shape of the hand holder lies comfortably in the hand and allows a präzises work. The set is characterized by its high-quality workmanship and top quality. Each part is carefully manufactured to ensure optimal performance and durability. The flexible extension rod makes it easy to work in tight spaces and hard-to-reach places. The PCW08I Precision Screwdriver Set is the perfect gift for any hobbyist. With its numerous bits and practical accessories, it offers everything you need for repairs and assembly work. The set's attractive carrying case also ensures that all parts can be stored neatly and safely. Included Bits: Phillips bit (PH0, PH1, PH2, PH000, PH00, PH2) Flat head (SL1.0, SL1.5, SL2.5, SL3.0, SL3.5, SL4.0) Hexagon (H1.5, H2.0, H2.5,H0.7, H0.9, H1.3, H3.0, H3.5, H4.0) Torx (T2,T3,T4,T5H,T6H,T7H,T9H) Pentalobe (P2, P5, P6) Triangle (△3. 0,△2.0,△2.3) Tripple (Y0.6,Y1,Y2.0,Y2.5) Sleeve (SQ0,SQ1) U type (U2.6, U3.0) Accessories: High quality carrying case 3 long bits Flexible extension rod ESD-safe tweezers Plastic pry bar Suction cup 3 triangles Sim card opener Bit adapter for power drill

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  • PCW08G Tweezers Set (9 pieces)

    PCWork PCW08G Tweezers Set (9 pieces)

    With the PCW08G 9-piece tweezer set, you are well equipped to perform precision work on sensitive electronic components. The tweezers are made of coated stainless steel and are therefore particularly durable and resistant. The set is antistatic and ESD-safe, which means that the tweezers are ideal for working with electronic components, as they prevent electrostatic charges, thus avoiding damage to the components. With the set you get a storage bag, enabling you to safely store and transport your tweezers. So you always have everything ready to hand when you need it. Thanks to the different shapes and tip types of the tweezers, the set is ideal for a variety of applications, such as model making, jewelry making and watch repair. Even the smallest components can be easily gripped and positioned. Included ESD-10, straight tip ESD-11, straight tip ESD-12, straight tip ESD-14, straight tip ESD-16, straight tip ESD-13, flat round head ESD-15, 45° curved tip ESD-17, 30° curved tip ESD34A-sa, flat head Storage bag

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  • PCW10A Soldering Mat (450x300 mm)

    PCWork PCW10A Soldering Mat (450x300 mm)

    The PCW10A soldering mat is the ultimate solution for any soldering or repair project. Measuring 450 x 300 mm, this silicone mat provides a generous work surface that is heat-resistant up to 450°C, making it ideal for use with a range of (soldering) tools and equipment. It is the perfect size for your workbench and provides ample space for all your tools and components. The PCW10A soldering mat comes with several convenient features to make your repair work easier and more efficient. The built-in storage boxes provide a convenient place to keep your tools and components organized, while the powerful magnets hold small parts securely in place. These features ensure that you can work more efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced items. The PCW10A soldering mat also features a non-slip surface that provides a stable and secure work environment, preventing your equipment from slipping or sliding during use. Additionally, the mat is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain a hygienic workspace that is free of debris and other contaminants. In addition, the mat also features a printed grid to help you measure and cut materials accurately. Whether you are a professional technician or a DIY enthusiast, the PCW10A soldering mat is an essential tool for anyone who needs a reliable and durable work surface for their repair and soldering projects. With its durable construction, ample workspace, and convenient storage options, you can tackle any project with confidence and ease. Features Silica gel working mat (blue) Size: 450 x 300 mm Edge thickness: 6.5 mm Various magnetic sections 3 storage boxes Heat-resistant 450°C

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  • PCW03A True RMS Multimeter

    PCWork PCW03A True RMS Multimeter

    The PCW03A True RMS digital multimeter is an innovative tool for any electrician, technician, or ambitious hobbyist. It can measure AC/DC voltage, current, and resistance, as well as frequency, duty ratio, and temperature. Due to its smart measurement function, the PCW03A detects the inteded measurement (continuity, voltage, resistance) and chooses the correct measurement range/function for the user, making super easy to use and beginner-friendly. Another great feature of the device, especially for beginners, are the illuminated input sockets. Here the device indicates which input sockets to use for the chosen measurement function. This way it is almost impossible to connect the measurement leads to the wrong socket and it will prevent the device from damage. With its 9999 counts and bright colors, the HD display provides precise measurement read-outs. Additionally, the CAT III 1000V; CAT IV 600V rating ensures safety while in use for various applications. Its smartphone-like design is easy and intiutive to use, making it a joy for daily operations. The double insulation, ceramic fuse, and removable rubber casing provide durability and protection for device and the user. Features CAT III 1000V; CAT IV 600V 9999 counts & True RMS Auto Range & smart measurement function: device automatically recognizes intended measurement (continuity, voltage, resistance) and chooses correct measurement range/function LED illuminated input sockets – the device shows you which input socket to use according to the measurement function chosen. Perfect for beginners to avoid damage to the device. AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio, and temperature measurement NCV (non-contact voltage detection), live line, continuity, and diode test Double insulation & ceramic fuses Removable rubber casing with cushioning function for extra protection Large colour HD display with backlight Data hold with Min/Max function LED work light Innovative design and 5 button operating concept: like a smartphone Great packaging design and manual with pictures in various languages: EN, GER, ES, FR, PT, IT, GR Dimensions: 165 x 85 x 25 mm Weight: 255 g Included PCW03A Multimeter Batteries High-quality test leads K-type temp. probes Transport case

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  • PCW05A True RMS Clamp Meter (600 A)

    PCWork PCW05A True RMS Clamp Meter (600 A)

    The PCW05A True RMS Digital Clamp Meter is a versatile and reliable tool that can be used for a variety of applications. It can measure AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio, and temperature. The digital clamp meter is equipped with an Auto-Range function, which can detect automatically the correct measurement range for the chosen measurement function, making it very user-friendly. The 6000 counts display provides precise result read-outs. The LPF (Low Pass Filter), LowZ (Low Impedance), & DCA ZERO (Zero Correction) functions ensure accurate measurements. With its backlight LCD display and LED work light, the PCW05A can provide clear readings in low-light conditions. In addition, the bi-color display changes its color to orange in order to warn the user when measuring high current or voltage. Overall the PCW05A digital clamp meter is the perfect choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Features CAT III 600 V; measures up to 600 A AC/DC current 6000 counts, True RMS Auto Range function Jaw opening: 2,5 cm AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty ratio, and temperature measurement NCV (non-contact voltage detection), continuity, and diode test Bi-color backlight LCD display (changes color to orange when measuring high currents / voltages) LPF (Low Pass Filter), LowZ (Low Impedance), & DCA ZERO (Zero Correction) functions Data hold with Max/Min function LED work light for working in dark environments Small and compact size making it a very handy tool Great packaging design and manual with pictures in various languages: EN, GER, ES, FR, PT, PL, IT Includes batteries, high-quality test leads, temperature probe, & transport case

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