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  • Electronics Notebook

    MonkMakes Electronics Notebook

    Specifications A4 (210 x 297 mm) squared-grid spiral-bound notebook with watermark breadboards 158 pages, card covers. The book also includes Microcontroller programming cheat sheet Common circuits and calculations Pinouts Resistor color codes ASCII table

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  • MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico

    Solderless breadboard labelled for the Raspberry Pi Pico It can be tricky to work out which pin is which when the Raspberry Pi Pico is attached to solderless breadboard. The MonkMakes Breadboard for Pico solves this problem by labelling the Pico pins on the 400 point solderless breadboard. Features 400 tie point 2 power busses Size: 8.2 x 5.5 x 0.85 cm Self-adhesive back

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  •  -20% MonkMakes Servo Kit for Raspberry Pi

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Servo Kit for Raspberry Pi

    This kit includes 2 servo motors and a Monk Makes ServoSix interface board for use with Raspberry Pi. It also includes a Raspberry Leaf GPIO template, a bunch of female-to-female header pins and a 4xAA battery box.Features of the Servo Six board Screw terminals for servo power supply Reverse-polarity protection for the servo power supply 470 µF 16 V capacitor for servo supply 470 Ω current limiting resistors for servo control lines (to protect GPIO pins) Power indicator LE DownloadsInstructions

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  • MonkMakes Plant Monitor

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Plant Monitor

    Monitor soil moisture, temperature and relative humidity measurement with the Plant Monitor. This board is compatible with the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and most microcontroller boards. Alligator / croc clip rings Ready soldered header pins for your choice of microcontroller. Easy to use UART serial interface Additional analog output for moisture only Built-in RGB LED Downloads Datasheet Instructions

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  • MonkMakes Amplified Speaker Kit for Raspberry Pi

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Amplified Speaker Kit for Raspberry Pi

    The Speaker Kit for Raspberry Pi is a small amplified speaker designed for the Raspberry Pi. Included MonkMakes Amplified Speaker Set of 10 female to female header wires Short stereo audio lead Raspberry Leaf GPIO template Downloads Instructions Datasheet

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  • MonkMakes Electronic Starter Kit for micro:bit

    MonkMakes MonkMakes Electronic Starter Kit for micro:bit

    This kit contains everything needed to start learning about connecting electronics to the micro:bit in an accessible and easy manner. Everything is connected using the supplied alligator clips, so no soldering required. Included MonkMakes Speaker for micro:bit MonkMakes Switch for micro:bit MonkMakes Sensor Board for micro:bit Set of alligator clip leads (10 leads) Small motor with fan Single AA battery box (battery not included) Light bulb and holder Booklet (A5) Downloads Instructions Datasheet Lesson Plans

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  • MonkMakes ServoClip

    MonkMakes MonkMakes ServoClip

    An adapter for connecting a servo meter with croc/alligator clips. This is a handy little clip to connect a servo motor with 5.4 mm header socket using alligator clips. It is ideal for use with boards like the BBC micro:bit and Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express or Gemma. Width: 27 mm Height: 35 mm Downloads Datasheet

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