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  •  -25%Last stock! Loomia Mega Pressure Matrix

    Loomia Loomia Mega Pressure Matrix

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    Like the mini pressure sensor, but bigger! Our 3x3 mega pressure matrix has 6 leads, allowing you to map which point you are at in the 3x3 matrix and get a pressure mapping over a surface. Each area has an analog readout that varies depending on the weight of the item on the pressure sensor. Generally, sensor values will read from 500 Kohms to 100 ohms depending on the force put onto the sensor. Features Component: 5' x 6.5 Sensing Area 3.0' Square Thickness: Approx 20 mils

    2 in stock

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  •  -27% Loomia Double Backlit User Interface

    Loomia Loomia Double Backlit User Interface

    Double Backlit User Interface: The dual backlit button is just like the single backlit button, but twice the fun! Use this component when you need to operate something up and down, or right to left. Using cut-out vinyl, you can create icons and stickers on fabric that show your users button functionality. Features Component: 4.6' x 6.3' Individual Button Size: 1' radius circle Press Durability: Up to 10,000 presses under 5lbf LED Voltage: 5 V

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  • Loomia Single Pressure Sensor

    Loomia Loomia Single Pressure Sensor

    The mini single pressure sensor gives you an analog read that maps to force on the sensor. The more you press, the lower the resistance goes, perfect for on-body pressure related sensing like ribcage expansion for breathing. This little one is small, but mighty, making it convenient for small surface area applications. Features Component: 2` x 1` Sensing area: .75` x .75` Thickness: Approx 20mils

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  •  -40% Loomia Single Backlit Button

    Loomia Loomia Single Backlit Button

    The single backlit button is a simple mechanical switch that comes with an LED inside. When you press the button, the circuit is completed, driving your pin high or low. Use the embedded LED to make a glowing power icon, logo , or whatever suits your fancy. Features Press durability: Up to 10,000 times pressing under 5lbf (22.24 N) LED Voltage: 5 V Component: 2' x 3' Individual (5,08 cm x 7,62 cm) Button Size: 1' radius circle (2,54 cm)

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