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  • Keyestudio Solar Tracking DIY Kit for Arduino

    Keyestudio Keyestudio Solar Tracking DIY Kit for Arduino

    The solar tracking kit is based on Arduino. It consists of 4 ambient light sensors, 2 DOF servos, a solar panel and so on, aiming at converting light energy into electronic energy and charging power devices. It also boasts a charging module, a temperature and humidity sensor, a BH1750 light sensor, a buzzer, an LCD1602 display, a push button module, an LED module and others, highly enriching the tutorial and making projects more interesting. This kit can not only help kids have a better learning about programming but obtain knowledge about electronics, machinery, controlling logic and computer science. Features Multiple functions: Track light automatically, read temperature, humidity and light intensity, button control, LCD1602 display and charge by solar energy. Easy to build: Insert into Lego jack to install and no need to fix with screws and nuts or solder circuit; also easy to dismantle. Novel style: Adopt acrylic boards and copper pillars; sensors or modules connected to acrylic boards via Lego jacks; LCD1602 modules and solar panels add technologies to it. High extension: Preserve I²C, UART, SPI ports and Lego jacks, and extend other sensors and modules. Basic programming: Program in C language with Arduino IDE. Specifications Working voltage 5 V Input voltage 3.7 V Max. output current 1.5 A Max. power dissipation 7.5 W Downloads Wiki

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