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    Ikalogic ScanaQuad SQ200 Logic Analyzer & Signal Generator

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    ScanaQuad series of logic analyzers and signals generators are four channel, USB powered devices that allow you to capture signals, visualize and analyze them on a host computer software, and generate signals. Generated signals may be arbitrarily created signals, or the user may play back previously captured signals. ScanaQuad offers an intuitive way of analyzing logic signals, backed with exciting features like enhanced ±35V input protection, adjustable input threshold, direct connection to RS232/485, CAN and LIN buses, ability to trigger on specific protocols (like a UART word or an I²C address). The signal generator end was designed to be very versatile: Precise control over loop point can be achieved as well as the ability to generate arbitrary signals on any number of channels while recording the result on the others. ScanaQuad input/output stage is fully protected while offering flexible options like Open Drain outputs and configurable pull up/down resistors. Furthermore, the digital signal generator has an adjustable output voltage from 1.6V to 5V, which covers most TTL, CMOS, and LVCMOS applications. Features 4 channels configurable as input or outputs 200MHz Sampling frequency 4M Points memory per channel Adjustable input threshold from 0.5V -> 3V Input protection up to ±35V 2 configurable differential input pairs Adjustable digital output voltage level 1.8V -> 5V Optional pull up/down resistors on all probes Outputs can be configured as open-drain Included ScanaQuad SQ200 device USB cable 5 pins gripper probes cables

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