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  • Argon NEO 5 BRED Case for Raspberry Pi 5

    Argon Argon NEO 5 BRED Case for Raspberry Pi 5

    The Argon NEO 5 is redesigned specifically to meet the high demands of the Raspberry Pi 5. It offers an impressive heat dissipation solution for both passive and active cooling. Aluminum case enclosure with passive cooling fins that act as the heatsink Air intake vents allow for cool air to enter the case 30 mm PWM fan helps with the airflow and push out hot air to exhaust vents Simple and beautifully designed Made with aluminum alloy and polished with a Black & Red finish for stunning aesthetics. Easy assembly for the 3 part case with the Raspberry Pi 5. Small foot print allows to bring it anywhere – or easily mount to your desired station with built in mounting points. Complete access to all ports with the removable top cover. Superior protection & security Space grade aluminum helps protect Raspberry Pi 5 board from physical damage. The case has a screw on top cover to keep the ports safe when not in use. Optional SD card cover to protect your data even further. Native Raspberry Pi 5 board support Integrated power button LED light display

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