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Le concepteur du Bluetooth a eu une intuition de génie en lançant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) : un protocole de réseau à très faible consommation. Principalement destiné l'appareillage nomade connecté à faible débit pour lequel l’autonomie est cruciale, cet outil offre un vaste potentiel d’expérimentation ! Apprenez à maîtriser cette nouvelle technologie en réalisant différents projets détaillés pas à pas dans cet ouvrage :
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GSM/GPRS Projects

Based on PIC microcontrollers and Arduino

This book is aimed for the people who may want to learn how to use the GSM/GPRS modems in microcontroller based projects. Two types of popular microcontroller families are considered in the book: PIC microcontrollers, and the Arduino. The highly popular mid-performance PIC18F87J50 microcontroller is used in PIC based projects together with a GSM Click board. In addition, the SIM900 GSM/GPRS shield is used with the Arduino Uno projects. Both GSM and GPRS based projects are included in the book.

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Home Automation Projects with Arduino

Using the RFID Starter Kit

If you really want to build some innovative projects it’s often necessary to get down to component level. This book explains how a wide variety of practical projects can be built using items supplied in a single kit together with the Arduino board. This kit, called the ‘RFID Starter Kit for Arduino UNO’ is not just limited to RFID applications but contains more than 30 components, devices and modules covering all areas of modern electronics.

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