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Le concepteur du Bluetooth a eu une intuition de génie en lançant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) : un protocole de réseau à très faible consommation. Principalement destiné l'appareillage nomade connecté à faible débit pour lequel l’autonomie est cruciale, cet outil offre un vaste potentiel d’expérimentation ! Apprenez à maîtriser cette nouvelle technologie en réalisant différents projets détaillés pas à pas dans cet ouvrage :
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Internet of Things (EN)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept in intelligent automation and intelligent monitoring using the Internet as the communications medium. The “Things” in IoT usually refer to devices that have unique identifiers and are connected to the Internet to exchange information with each other. Such devices usually have sensors and/or actuators that can be used to collect data about their environments and to monitor and control their environments. The collected data can be processed locally or it can be sent to centralized servers or to the cloud for remote storage and processing. For example, a small device at the size of a matchbox can be used to collect data about the temperature, relative humidity and the atmospheric pressure. This data can be sent and stored in the cloud. Anyone with a mobile device can then access and monitor this data at any time and from anywhere on Earth provided there is Internet connectivity. In addition, users can for example, adjust the central heating remotely using their mobile devices and accessing the cloud.

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In 35 fun projects, this book will show you how to build your own Internet of Things system. We’ll cover the hardware (primarily the Raspberry Pi and Arduino) and the software that makes control via Internet possible. We employ Wi-Fi and radio links so no requirement any longer to install cabling crisscross through your home.

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Home Automation Projects with Arduino

Using the RFID Starter Kit

If you really want to build some innovative projects it’s often necessary to get down to component level. This book explains how a wide variety of practical projects can be built using items supplied in a single kit together with the Arduino board. This kit, called the ‘RFID Starter Kit for Arduino UNO’ is not just limited to RFID applications but contains more than 30 components, devices and modules covering all areas of modern electronics.

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