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Self on Audio (3rd Edition)
This book is the most comprehensive collection of significant articles in the technical audio press. This third edition features 45 articles that first appeared in Elektor, Linear Audio, and Electronics World.
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Audio Power Amplifier Design
This is the essential book reference for amplifier designers. Douglas Self covers all the design issues of noise, distortion, power supply rejection, protection, reliability, and layout. He describes advanced forms of compensation that give dramatically lower distortion.
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Retro Audio

Today there is a re-emerging, nostalgic interest in vinyl records and associated music entertainment gear. With this interest, there is a paralleled market for the repair of this gear. The intention of this book is to offer the reader understandings, ideas and solutions from the perspective of a workbench technician and electronics hobbyist. It is a descriptive text with many tables of useful data, servicing tips and supplementary notes of not so common knowledge.

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Linear Audio - Volume 13
Linear Audio Vol 13 is the 14th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.
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