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Battery Checker (071131-71)

Kit of parts (incomplete)

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  • Voltage range 0 V to 12 V (corresponding to 0 to 10 NiCd or NiMH cells)
  • Discharge current up to 10 A
  • Internal resistance measurement at the start of the discharge process (average of ten readings)
  • Constant current discharge with switch-over to constant voltage discharge
  • Display of set-point and actual values of voltage and current
  • Display of discharge time, total charge, internal resistance, heatsink temperature and fan speed
  • Controlled using four pushbuttons to set cell count, required discharge termination voltage and required discharge current
  • Calibration facility for A/D converter and current regulator PWM
  • Backlit 2-by-16 character LCD
  • Status LED
  • Heatsink temperature monitoring with fan control (proportional controller)
  • Serial interface to output values and to receive control messages
  • Maximum power dissipation 120 W (with special cooling), adjustable 40 W limit in software

  • The following items are not included in this kit:

    • 9-Way sub-D socket
    • 4 Push buttons for front panel mounting
    • Heat conducting adhesive glue for securing temperature sensor to heatsink
    • Terminal posts, 4mm diam. (1 red, 1 black)
    • Case
    SKU 15027
    Editorial Number 071131-71

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