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AVR Software Defined Radio (100182-71)

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This package consists of the three boards associated with the AVR Software Defined Radio articles series in Elektor, which is built around practical experiments.

The first board,which includes an ATtiny2313, a 20 MHz oscillator and an R-2R DAC, will be used to make a signal generator. The second board will fish signals out of the ether. It contains all the hardware needed to make a digital software-defined radio (SDR), with an RS-232 interface, an LCD panel, and a 20 MHz VCXO (voltage-controlled crystal oscillator), which can be locked to a reference signal. The third board provides an active ferrite antenna. The software for all these projects is written using the WinAVR GCC compiler in AVR Studio and can be downloaded as C source code (plus fuse settings) or as hex files.

This bundle also includes the assembled and tested FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB PCB!

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