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ARM programmer (EB185)

Arm baseboard and daughter board

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This E-blocks board is a development tool for the powerful AT91 SAM 7 microcontroller from Atmel. The SAM 7 is a 32 bit RISC device running at an internal frequency of 80MHz, and having 128k ROM and 32K static RAM as well as 2�USARTs, 4x 10 bit A/D converters and a native USB bus. This incredibly powerful microcontroller can be used for a range of advanced E-blocks projects. The board has 5�E-blocks ports and the processor itself is housed on a removable daughter board (Atmel ARM processors are only available in SMD technology) so that the ARM can be incorporated into custom PCBs. Free bootloader software is available. USB cable included.

  • 32 bit RISC processor with 128K ROM and 32K SRAM
  • USB programmable with boot loader
  • 5 x E-blocks ports, 32 I/O lines
  • Compatible with most downstream boards
  • Native USB and SPI buses
SKU 14353
Matrix Number EB185
Manufacturer Matrix TSL
Type Accessories

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