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Support Page ARM Microcontrollers 1

On this page you'll find all software which is discussed in the ARM Microcontrollers Part 1 book. All software is free of charge, you do not have to pay anything to download and use it. Reselling of the software is prohibited, check the license agreements for more information.

ARM Microcontrollers 1Installation instructions

  1. Download the complete package in the 'Attachments/Downloads' section at the book page
  2. Unzip while maintaining the directory structure (use "extract to here") to a location of your choice. If you unzip to c:\ then all directory names match the ones in the book. If you unzip for example to c:\my documents then you need to change c:\ in the book by c:\my documents. The source codes would in that case be located in c:\my documents\mbed\sources (If you don't own an unzip program you can download one for free here. You can also go to the official website of Winzip and download a paid version). 
  3. For the tools follow the instructions in the book as you encounter them, at this point you do not have to do anything. The tools are intended for Windows XP, or similar operating systems. Should you use Vista or Win7 you may need to use the XP compatibility mode.
  4. Now read the tutorial in the "ARM microcontrollers part 1: 35 projects for beginners" (and discover the fascinating world of ARMC microcontrollers!).

Errata and additions

The Shap tiltsensor used in the book is difficult to find outside the USA. Alternatively you can use the Assemtech CW1300-1 tilt switch. This is a mechanical single throw switch, so you will need too units. They should both be connected as shown in Figure 27 left. One tilt switch is connected to p19, the other to p20. Depending on the physical arrangement of the two switches you can get an effect similar to the Sharp sensor.

Useful links

The mbed website with the compiler and a forum for all your questions. The mandatory language in the forum is English.


pdf Contents ARM Microcontrollers 1 (Size: 0.22 MB)

zip Software ARM Microcontrollers 1 (Size: 4.23 MB)