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ADAU1701 Universal Audio DSP Board (130232-71)

Kit of parts Semi-kit: all TH components, PCB with DSP preassembled

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Always wanted to start out with DSPs, but afraid of the SMD? Here’s the answer: Elektor’s all-DIY Universal Audio DSP Board! Based on the Analog Devices ADAU1701 DSP chip and drag-and-drop software, this board will ease your way to becoming a sound craftsman, guaranteed math-free.


• Analog Devices ADAU1701 DSP

 • Sigma Studio 3.9 graphic oriented DSP support software (free)

• Examples for stereo chorus; short delay; state-variable filter

• Design your own sound effects

• Stereo audio input

• 4 DAC outputs

• 4 pots feeding into aux ADC inputs

• 8 GPIO pins

• I2C EEPROM for effects storage

• DSP chip preassembled on PCB

• Optional: DSP chip on 48-pin DIP carrier board (0.6 inch or 0.7 inch)

• Semi-kit available from Elektor (SMD presoldered PCB and TH parts)

• PCB fits Multicomp MCRM2015M case, Farnell # 1520399.


An Arduino Board (for example the Arduino Uno, 130320-91), the Elektor FT232R USB/Serial Bridge/BOB (110553-91) or a dedicated programmer is needed for programming the DSP.

SKU 15960
Editorial Number 130232-71
Manufacturer Elektor Labs


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