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3D Touch Pad (130508)

3D Touch Pad (130508)


Main and Electrode PCB's for the 3D Touch Pad.


Main and Electrode PCB's for the 3D Touch Pad.
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Main PCB and Electrode PCB for the 3D Touch Pad as published in Elektor magazine, May 2014 edition. In PCB panel.

This 3D touchless gesture control interface uses projective capacitance via a plan of four electrodes on one PCB, a specially developed 3D Arduino Shield and an Arduino Uno, programmed with control software (Arduino sketch) under the Creative Commons license. Useable in a wide range of applications, from controlling induction ring controls in the kitchen without touching them with your greasy fingers to touchless devices control in the surgery room reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

Read all about it in the May 2014 edition of Elektor magazineElektor Labs or http://www.ootsidebox.com. And be sure to watch the demo video on http://youtu.be/Eoqj1DyjiHA.


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