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Elektor is the world’s only independent, international electronics magazine with an in-house design laboratory. Every issue of Elektor magazine is loaded with up-to-date news and views, real-world lab tests and high quality DIY construction projects. You can rely on Elektor for solutions and insights to all your electronics challenges. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, embedded Linux, 3D printing and more. But Elektor is much more than a magazine! Here’s the bill of materials and the schematic:

Elektor.MAGAZINE appears 10 times per year and contains the best-of-market number of circuits and projects. In addition to the extra thick Projects Generator edition to cover the summer months (July/August), there's another ‘jumbo’ magazine at the start of the year (January/February). On the .MAGAZINE website members have free access to their digital copy of the magazine and to the Elektor magazines and articles archive from the starting date of their membership (available from 2000).

Elektor.LABS is the place where the action is! It's our virtual, online laboratory where you can share your own projects and participate in those created by others. It’s the nucleus of Elektor magazine, where projects are being proposed to, and get developed by, you and the community — where knowledge is shared, enjoyed and acquired. Free access for members!

Elektor.POST is our weekly newsletter containing news, videos, hints, tips, offers and more. On top of that, Elektor.POST adds an exclusive biweekly project for members only. That’s 25 extra (digital) projects per year! You receive Elektor.POST at your specified email address.

Elektor.STORE is your one-stop shop for Elektor Books, CDs, DVDs, Kits & Modules and much more! As a member you benefit from a minimum of 10% discount on all products!

Become a part of the world’s largest (multilingual) community of people with a passion for electronics. Take out a Membership now!

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10 Editions of Elektor magazine in print and digital, Elektor Annual DVD, 10% discount in Elektor.STORE, 25 extra projects and more...

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10 Digital editions of Elektor magazine, 25 extra projects per year, 10% discount in Elektor.STORE, and more...

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All queries concerning memberships including address changes should be sent by e-mail.

Cancelled memberships will receive a refund for all unmailed issues unless refund is less than US $15 / UK £10