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Elektor Magazine June 2014 (EN)

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The printed June 2014 edition of your favorite electronics magazine.


• Android User Interface Builder

Explore the FT311D Android Bridge

• Lathe Tachometer

Feat. Arduino Micro & OLED

• Touch-2-Switch

Versatile capacitive switch in a wall box

• Seismic Detector

• Microcontroller BootCamp (3)

• XXL LED VU Meter

With a wide range and high resolution

• DIY I2C for Raspberry Pi

• Diomensioning Photovoltaic Panel Arrays

• Hack-Your-Own Reflow Oven

Fan-assisted oven for SMDs

• DesignSpark Tips and Tricks

Day #11: Working with Large Designs

• Varactor Diodes

Weird Component #6

• 3D-Print Your Own Ink Elektor

Labs section

• Jumbo PCB to escape from Labs Elektor

Labs section

• Chip Tips: The MAS6510


• Multi-switch Lights Control

For corridors and hallways

• Elektor ComputerScope (1986)

Retronics section

• Hexadoku

The Original Elektorized Sudoku

• Lazy Days

Gerard's Columns

• Next Month in Elektor


Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members can download their digital edition here

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Publication Medium Paper

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